HEWN, Interrupted

Perhaps it's a tad jarring for HEWN to return from a months-long absence with an announcement that this will be the last newsletter I send from Substack. But hey folks: this is the last newsletter I will send from Substack, and as a subscriber, I thought you should know.

I have a much longer update on my blog — remember blogs? — about what I'm up to these days. Long story short, I'm mostly offline for the time being. That said, I do subscribe to enough newsletters to have caught wind of the fact that this platform does not align with my values. (If you too are trying to pay less attention to tech company shenanigans, you can catch up on the details here or here, if you like.)

You don't have to do anything. But the next time you hear from me — I have a book to promote, so chances are you will hear from me plenty — it won't be via Substack.

Thanks for remembering me.

Yours in struggle,

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