HEWN, No. 330

"Mother, I would like to become a lawyer" -- a young Richard Nixon, inspired by the Teapot Dome Scandal

This week’s Columbidae is the mourning dove, once known as the Carolina turtledove, once believed to be the closest living relative of the extinct passenger pigeon. (It isn’t. That would be birds in the Patagioenas genus.) (Image credits)

It’s a short newsletter this week — my apologies.

I was going to write an essay about the comments Apple exec Phil Schiller made about Chromebooks — they’re only good for testing, he argued. But Bill Fitzgerald has written something up in response, and he tackles a lot of the points I’d make. One thing I do think is noteworthy here is that Apple doesn’t claim that its products are better because they protect student privacy. That would be an easy and obvious argument: Google mines your kids’ data, and schools should be wary about going in on cheap devices and free software that is based on this sort of algorithmic expropriation. The privacy argument is something that Apple makes elsewhere — and so it’s interesting that that isn’t the case here. Does Apple not believe that privacy matters in education?

Elsewhere in edu:

And because this is too great a headline to not share, there’s this gem by Charles P. Pierce: “Professional Ratf*cker Roger Stone Has F*cked His Last Rat.” (It made me happy this week to get to tell a couple of millennials about the history of ratfucking. Textbooks leave out some of the most important details, don’t they?)

Yours in struggle,

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