HEWN, No. 310

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Thank you to everyone who sent me links to the news this week about Armando the pigeon, who was sold at auction for $1.42 million. The typical racing pigeon sells for less than $3000, but Armando is reportedly “the best Belgian long-distance pigeon of all time.” He will now retire at the ripe old age of 5 to father chicks.

I don’t see a lot of pigeons here in Seattle — more gulls and crows, who, as they’re more aggressive, probably make the competition for food a little rough for the pigeons. (I had to double-check to make sure the big black birds on my patio were actually crows and not ravens.)

In honor of Armando, this week’s pigeon is the racing homer:

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This is going to be the last HEWN until I finish the draft of my book. The manuscript is due April 1, and it’s not clear to me that I’ll make that deadline. But I have to get things finished up fairly soon, and all my attention needs to be directed to that end. So I’ll be reading the Internet less (if at all, fingers crossed) — that means I do encourage you to send me links of the ed/tech horrors that you think I need to know about.

This week’s horrors: “How Hate Groups’ Secret Sound System Works” by Joan Donovan. “Instagram Is the Internet’s New Home for Hate” by Taylor Lorenz. “Arizona State Will Create a For-Profit Spinoff to Court Students in the Work Force” by Goldie Blumenstyk. “The dark side of education research: widespread bias” by Jill Barshay. “To Go Far Enough” by Sean Michael Morris. “The growth mindset problem” by Carl Hendrick. And this bullshit — again — “A Harvard Professor Says Half of All Colleges Won’t Exist in 10 Years.” People: you gotta stop listening to these hustlers.

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