HEWN, No. 323

"It's time to sing the doom song" -- Gir

This week’s Columbidae is a diamond dove. This is a very small pigeon — not much larger than a canary. (Image credits)

This week was a very long year. I am still trying hard to revise my book manuscript, which it was almost impossible as every time I glanced at Twitter, something rather monumental had occurred. That “glance” turned in to hours of watching the breaking news (while ignoring the punditry babble). I did finish the chapter I was working on; but I didn’t make note of much for this week’s newsletter. I’ve set myself an October 15 deadline to finish this round of edits, so I’ll be more focused on HEWN after that. I’m also doing a bunch of traveling and speaking in the next few months, so maybe HEWN will be better in the New Year, ok? Maybe everything will be. (Reminder: one way you can support my work is to hire me to speak at your event or your campus.)

Speaking of books, imagine waking up to the news that Judith Butler had reviewed yours and called it “disappointing.” I would never leave the house again.

I have articles and talks in the works about what it means to have Amazon marketing Alexa’s “skills” as an education product; about what we have learned (or haven’t learned about “unicorn” CEOs in education; about zombie cybernetics. In the meantime, read this, by Jonathan Lethem: a review of Edward Snowden’s new book (with nods to Jia Tolentino’s and Joanne McNeil’s new books — the former which I loved and the latter which I can’t wait to read as well).

Bonus: “How Greta Thunberg Got a Death-Metal Makeover.” (My god, I love that young woman. Robinson Meyer’s profile of her is excellent.)

Yours in struggle,