HEWN, No. 326

Facebook needs authoritarians as much as authoritarians need Facebook

This week’s Columbidae is the pink-headed fruit dove, also known as Temminck’s fruit pigeon — named after Coenraad Jacob Temminck, a Dutch zoologist. The pink-headed fruit dove does not, mind you, live in the Netherlands. (It can be found in parts of Indonesia.)

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I turned in the latest draft of my book this week, and I also traveled up to Vancouver, where the algorithms kept me up-to-date on Canadian politics rather than American ones -- a nice respite to be sure. That means I did not pay close attention to the news, although I did notice that a very dull boy wrote a very dull manifesto (that is, after spending a lot of time with some very bad people). Fortunately, it prompted some very smart folks to write some very good responses:

Elsewhere in education/technology:

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